How to Start Online Marketing Business in Malaysia?


I know you will always agree with me when I say :

It is REALLY difficult to start online marketing business from home! I have worked so hard but still cannot earn a single dollar from internet. Some even claims that they had no experience and desperate to know how to start online marketing business from scratch?

To be very honest, online marketing can be challenging if you do not understand the concept of internet marketing. The only way you can make money through online is TRUST! For all business, the most important thing is sales. In traditional business, we can easily close sales through face-to-face meeting or phone call. With your gesture and voices, your prospects trust you and buy products from your company.

However, it turns out when comes to internet marketing. When visitors come across to your website, they are attracted to your website designs and product. However, 98% of users do not dare to make payment due to online scamming is severe nowadays.  Hence, it is common to see that many internet marketers give up on the half way when they see no result in their websites.

Today, I am going to explain the concept of internet marketing and step by step process which can help you start your online business INSTANTLY.

5 Steps-Formula for Building Six Figure Online Marketing Business


Online Marketing Business

1. Positive Mindset Craft Your Destiny

Positive thinking is always the key to be succeed in your life(relationship, business, friendship,study).

Mindset determines action, action determines result.

If you get negative result, your limiting belief (emotional, doubtful) will come out from your subconscious mind. What you need to do is MASTER YOUR MIND

Well, you can start from reading motivational book : Master Your Mind , Design Your Destiny authored by Adam Khoo. Trust me, your life will be changed if you finish this book!

In internet business world, 95% of marketers fail to build their online business because they do not have strong belief system. They do not believe themselves can make money through online. Based on law of attraction, negative things will come if you think negatively while good things will come only if you are optimist.

How to Remove Negative Belief and Get Success in Online Business

You need to believe in yourself that you can make a lot money through online. Your friends and parents might criticize you and do not support you. But you must know what you are doing! Take massive actions after you get knowledge from online marketing blog .

Bear in mind, some ‘PROVEN’ strategies might not worked in your niche. Hence, you need to keep testing new strategies until you find the best way to improve your online business.

2. Conduct Market Research for Your Chosen Niche

Before you conduct market research, you need to choose niche you want to work on. Many internet marketing experts suggest you to choose a niche with less competitive but with medium competitive keywords. However, I would advise you to choose a niche you are PASSIONATE with. Why?

You will only FOCUS AND  STAY CONSISTENT to things you really like and passionate !

After that, you need to perform comprehensive market research to understand who are your customers and what they want. It will save you a lot of money and time if you can target your business to right audience!

How to Do and Conduct Market Research?

In general, you can do keyword research according to your niche. One of most common keyword research tools is Google Keyword Planner.Let us think about this: If everyone is using keyword planner to do keyword research, it indicates everyone is targeting to the same keywords. Hence, the particular keywords will be competitive.

To be able to stand up from competition, you can leverage the power of forum to conduct keyword research. Nowadays , Google focuses on user experience . If you can help to solve the problem in your community, you can dominate and even become monopoly! You can find real gem in the question of forum (Quora) and create an article to solve people problems.

3. Product/ Services

Products or services are the main stream of income for your website. You need to have an ideas about what is your products/ services before starting your business.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

(i) How my products/services add value to customers?

(ii) Does my product meet the newest trend? 

(iii) How to deliver product / services (system)

In internet marketing, you can deliver your products in different forms:

(i) Virtual/ digital products: In layman term, it means your product is downloadable. For instance, audio , video, ebooks, white paper

(ii) Physical products:  Real physical appearance products. Usually need to involve in packaging and shipment(increase risk of hazardous)

(iii) Services : e-classes, wedding planning services, organic food delivery Singapore services and etc. Most of time, you need to deal with service providers with special prices (to earn arbitrage)

(iv) Offline: Mostly about digital marketing services : SEO, Social Media, PPC, Email Marketing. You can become broker, marketing your search engine marketing services and outsource those services to freelancers. Through this method, you can earn price difference.

4. Make Your Business Effective With Automation

Focus on the things that help you start your business in first place and left other things with automation.

One of the common automation in e-commerce site is online payment system. There is wordpress plugin with automate payment system : woocommerce. To make life easier, I still suggest you to hire a back-end developer to build a system for your business.

There are plenty automation tools in internet marketing.

Here I am going to list two of the most important automation tools:

(i) Hootsuite : Enhance your social media management and it can manage multiple networks and profiles. For free version, you only can connect one profile for FB, Twitter and Google Plus.

(ii) Mail Chimp: To be able to automate email marketing , we need to create auto responders. After visitors sign up for your email list, they will receive email from you once a week. For free version, you need to send email manually to your potential leads( take a lot of time).

5. Get More Visitors(Traffic) To Your Website in One Day 

Traffic = Sales!

You can have the best product and most persuasive copy-writing in your website. However, if you cannot bring visitors to your website, you cannot sell. It is truth that having excellence products and sales copy is extremely important, but sales involve in driving massive visitors to your websites.

Struggling how to drive traffic to your website?

Here are the top 3 proven traffic generation method you must use:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In layman term, SEO means optimizes your website (meet Google Algorithm guidelines) and rank higher in Search engine result page (SERP). It is totally FREE !

P.S : It will take 3 months and above to see the ranking result . It is not guarantee!

2. Pay Per Click (PPC): 

For Pay-Per-Click(PPC), we only pay when somebody click on our advertisement. Bid price will depend on the competitiveness of your market. In layman term, the more competitive your market, the more you need to pay so that your ads can be placed in the first page of Google.

However, amount of pay-per-click should be determined by your marketing budget and conversion rate in your website.

For example, we set aside of 10% of the retail value RM59.90 elegant skirt set and conversion rate is 10%. It indicates one of ten visitors  will buy this shirt and you should pay RM0.599 per click (Stick to budget).

Step-By-Step Guide for PPC

(i) Be clear with your goals (More sales, encourage sign up or increase enquiries?)
(ii) Select long tails and most converted keywords
(iii) Bid for different keywords and select your daily or monthly budget
(iv) Write persuasive copywriting with targeted keywords and include call-to action to increase conversion rate.
(v) Watch it closely.

* Once we run a successful campaign(Sales > Expenses), spend more!

Managing Google Adwords Costs

When our ads appeared in the search engine result page (SERP), there are two things will affect our Google Adwords costs:

(i) How much you bid for the keywords
(ii) Quality Score of targeted keywords

Google gives quality score to your keywords based on user experience and how relevant your keywords. The higher the score, it can reduce your CPC and get your ads in higher position.

Hence, CTR acts the most important role in improving quality score for your ads.

3. Social Media

If you are serious about content marketing strategies, you also need to be serious about driving traffic from social media(Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Youtube). Based on experience, you can start focusing on 1 or two social media based on your niche. For example, if your business is B2B , you can focus on LinkedIn and Facebook.

As I mentioned above, you can use social media management software to schedule your posts everyday.

In social media marketing, the only way to succeed is post your content consistently! If it still does not make any effect on your business, you can promote through FB ads with right targeted audience.

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Content Marketing Strategies

7 Content Marketing Strategies [How To Make Viral Content]

I believe most of the online marketers have the same problem- How To Make Viral Content. They know the importance of viral content but they have no idea to create viral content every time.


In fact, it does not require magic or luck when a content goes viral. As we know, viral content must have some elements that persuade people to share.

Today, I am going to share 7 definitive tips that will make your content viral.

Check this out:

1.Use odd number in headlines

Based on case study, odd numbered headlines have 20% higher Click Through Rate (CTR) than even numbers.

The standard “ 10 Tips You Should Know About Swimming” is generic while “ 13 Tips You Should Know About Swimming” shows a subconscious thought in reader that this author knows exactly what they are writing with exactly 13 key points.

(i) Use Brackets

Hubspot found that headlines with brackets have 38% CTR compared to headlines without brackets.

I believe that you will ask why it makes a big difference.

Brackets can provide short preview into your content. In other words, brackets can let people know the post before they click into it.

(ii) Numbered Headline Vs “How To” Headlines


According to Moz, we found that headlines with numbers have the highest click through rate which is 36%. It is 19% higher than “How To” Headlines.

(iii) Odd Number Vs Even Number

odd number headline

Odd numbers make your reader feel that you have not cut information to short to hit an even number or you are keen to hit a higher even number.

2.Introduction should be short sentence

In an average visit, users always read at most 28% of the words and the average is 20%. Most of the users are not reading the content. Instead, they are scanning the text.


You should spend hours on introduction instead of content. If your introduction is not attractive, they will definitely bounce back and not even look at your content.

To be honest, introduction is your only weapon to hook the mouth of readers. One of the best example is Backlinko. Some of his posts have an 8 minutes average time on page!


Short sentences always have the largest potential to bump up your introductions and increases time on page.



If you add colorful images at the top of your post, it makes your content more comprehensive.

Always remember your images should not be too large and push the content below the fold. Instead you can align your image to left or right like this:

images align

There are some ways to optimize image in your blog post:
A.Use Pro Images(Quality Images)
B.Use Featured Image in all your blog post ( Good for sharing purpose)
C.Insert Infographic in your blog post
D.Image should be good fit for topic ( Data Driven Image is the best)

Why do we need images in blog posts ?

  • More Credibility
  •  More Shares
  • Infographic provide value to users.

4.Share content is an emotional decision

I believe everyone know viral content must have emotional elements. Most of the people do not know how to create content that stir up someone and make them sharing their blog posts.

There are 3 emotions that can get the most shares:

(i) Awe – You might be wondering how your blog post makes audience awe. Long form content can always make people feel awe! Normally, people only list 10 or at most 20 tips for planning a wedding. If you can make a 50 tips on wedding planning checklist with lots of explanation, your audience will admire and treat you as the leader in wedding planner.

wedding planning checklist


The more details you provide, the more awe your audiences are.

(ii) Surprise – As previous mentions, 50 wedding planning checklist will definitely surprised a lot of people as no people is willing to waste time on writing these 50 tips. Sometimes, I even surprised myself since I can spend 1 weeks to do research and write it out.

(iii) Anger : This anger is different with our common anger(scolding). In your blog post, you should emphasize on the truth. As we know, truth is always hurt but only that you can stir up your audiences! Maybe you will get some comments like “ I hate this post and never ever visit this website again” . Still, all these negative comments bring you traffic!

5.Make Your Content Scan-able

You should use “scannable” text such as headings, subheading, bullet and number lists and short paragraphs. All these forms can boost your content readability.

I strongly recommend you stick to 1 to 2 sentences so that your content is easy to read.

Short Sentence Paragraphs

Untitled design

Bullet or numbered lists

Bullet list

Heading & Subheadings


6.Always provide actionable and practical tips

Recently, I have done some researches on content marketing. I read a lot of articles about great content. They keep repeating great contents are good in ranking, traffic and conversion rate.

I am bored with all these articles! Their articles only show me the result of great content.

For example, I have 100 millions in my house and keep showing you how rich I am and what I can do with that money.

You must be pissed off and hope that I can teach you the trick to get 100 millions so that you can enjoy your life right?

In Online Marketing , I like Backlinko the most because all his teaching materials are actionable. You can do your own testing and conclude that whether this tip work or not.

If you want your content go viral, make sure it is full of actionable tips !

7.Optimize your SEO tags with Adwords Tag

As we know, online marketers use adwords ads to maximize click through rate. You can analyse how they optimize their adwords ads tag. Use them as your SEO title and meta description.

Recently, Click through rate (CTR) become more important after Google Quality Update. The higher the CTR, the higher your quality score.

You must believe online marketers try their best on adword ads to maximize CTR. If you match their title and description (don’t copy blindly), you can get more people to click on your blog posts.
In conclusion, Google always change its algorithm and therefore testing is the key factor to succeed in online marketing. Do not follow all the tips blindly and make changes based on your circumstances. Test it now!