Awesome Catering Services in Malaysia

Malaysia has always been part of the hot spot for serial-travelling within South East Asia region. It makes very familiar sound as Malaysia is known for excellent hospitality, besides having unique set of cultural activities.

Generally, this country consists of the peninsular (west) Malaysia) and the East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak). Other the main three majority races (Malay, Chinese and Indian), the ethnic composition starts to evolve a little bit as more and more Middle Easterners and other ASEAN people flocks into the Malaysia shore.

CHEAPEST Catering Services In Malaysia

Nevertheless, Malaysia has stable economic growth and is one the favourite place for investors to build regional businesses here. Lately, there has been steady increase in the conventions, exposition, campaigns, and serial-seminars being held throughout the year. Weekends have been pretty exciting for those urban folks who like to participate in these activities, be it for social reason, education, commercial reason or merely enjoying the fun among the crowds.

I can say, for all the events that I’ve been through, the first thing that my eyes will scout is the food served. In Malaysia, it is very, I mean, very common to enjoy food served by good caterers, and guess what… you actually get the best local food, sometimes taste better than those served in the restaurants. The last artistic event which I’ve participated, I pretty much enjoy the awesome food served and I have the chance to grab their name cards as my future caterer candidate, my birthday or wedding party maybe? In case you are curious which caterer that might be, look out for them at

The food that we enjoyed are served HOT! Taste wise, they are pretty decent with the correct spices used, seems like they are designed and customized just to fulfil the participants. I am sure the others felt the same as the food “evaporated” fast just within minutes from the breaks. Variety wise, the organizer was generous enough to cater to all types of audiences present. Thumb up!

All in all, it is very exciting to explore what Malaysia catering companies can offer, as it is not entirely about the food served, the service quality and overall package value that the guess received are becoming more of a considering factor, as they said the modern business delivery these days put significant measurement on the quality of services.

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Wedding Handmade Crafts

5 Easy And Simple Handmade Wedding Crafts


Is there anything more beautiful than a DIY (Do it yourself) wedding? Do-it-yourself could make a big difference no matter you want to save money or other personal issues.

Instead of hiring wedding planner Malaysia, you can enjoy the whole days for planning your dream wedding.

In fact, many wedding decorations are easy, simple and do not need major skills. However, some wedding projects are difficult and complicated.

To avoid work overload, we should choose easy and simple handmade wedding craft.

The following wedding crafts are the great places to start!

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Wedding Cupcake liner Pom Pom

As we know, cupcake liner pom poms are important for a wedding ceremony and wedding party at home.

You can transform the ordinary cupcakes liners into pom-pom strands with glues and string.

Mix the color and patterns can make your friends and relatives surprised.

After that, you can hang the in wedding reception, cocktail areas as well as living room.

Materials which You Need:

  • 6 strands with 12-foot
  • 800 cupcakes liners
  • Glue sticks
  • Bone Folder
  • 6 kitchen string with 12-foot

How to Do :

  1. Use bone folder to flat each cupcake liner into a circle
  2. Fold in half and repeat for your cupcake liners
  3. Remember to fold them along the same axis every time so that cupcake pom poms are symmetrical.

Wedding Love Notes

In general, this wedding craft presents the idea of ” Love Message in the Bottle”.

You can enclose a little scroll to send your greeting messages to your guests.

Besides that, the love bottle can be a large jar which labeled as “Love Letters” so that bride and groom can leave their messages in the bottle.

Materials that You Need

  • Large jar
  • Small bottles for each guests
  • Pens for guests to write their messages
  • Color Printer
  • Scissors and rounded corner punch

How To Do:

  1. Put bottle on each of the guests table
  2. Include small candy at the bottom of the jar
  3. Customize neck of the bottle with mini gift tag (bride and groom names)
  4. Mix different shapes of bottles

Wedding chalkboards

An unique sign in wedding chalkboards could be the best decoration in wedding venue.

It is not only meaningful to bride and groom but also gives guests information to find your wedding ceremony.

It could be costly if you hire someone to create an unique signs!

You can save every penny for honeymoon funds if you make a DIY wedding chalkboard.

Material that You Need: 

  • Drop cloth to protect your work-space
  • Pullers
  • Sanding block
  • chalkboard and chalk
  • Paint Sprayer

How To Do:

  1. Gather all your materials which listed above and lay down a drop cloth to protect your work-space
  2. Remove the art from the frames with pillar
  3. Use sanding block to clean the frames
  4. Hold the can about 15 inches from frames and paints. Let the paint dry for 15 minutes.
  5. Start brain-storming to come out creative signs

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DIY Bow Tie

Actually, bow ties are not hard to make but it takes time to sew them.

But, imagine the happiness of your partners when they realize that the bow ties are hand made!


This might be the cutest bow tie in the world.


  • Needle, thread, sewing machine, scissors
  • Bow tie pattern
  • Super Thin Fabric
  • Small piece of ribbon

How To Do:

  1. Cut thin fabric into two 4 to 7 inches squares(depend on how large you want)
  2. Fold your first square into a triangle
  3. Turn over and repeat the fold (become smaller triangle)
  4. Fold in to hide the point, then fold it to center line
  5. Repeat the same things on the right side

Pantyhose Petals- Dress up a Wedding Gown

In 1950s, women bear the risk of being fired unless they wear hosiery to the office. Today, women dye and cut the pantyhose petal to create flowers for wedding hat, corsages and veil. You can buy those same flowers on eBay or you can recreate them(DIY)


  • A pair of pantyhose
  • Wire cutters
  • Stamens
  • Floral tape

How To Do:

  1. Cut 9 cm of wire (you can shorten it later) and crimp the wire with your fingers.
  2. Bend the wire into petal shape and frame your petal.
  3. Cut the pantyhose into 4cm x 4cm squares
  4. Put nylon on your petal frame
  5. Create  petals’s trio
  6. Bloom your petals
  7. Wrap your stem with floral tape

In conclusion, DIY wedding crafts are greats but they are time costly.

Do not give up in the mean of time as DIY projects are really worth the time.