Premium Link Building Packages

Do you tired of the long process of getting high quality backlinks?

Are you spending a lot of time to conduct research, build email template and do blogger outreach but end up with no result?

You Are Wasting Your Time!

We understand how time consuming to acquire one QUALITY and RELEVANT link.

premium link building package
At the end, you will find out most of them do not response!

Let’s think about it: Is it worth to spend time on this process which can take days or even months just to get a single contextual link?

Why wasting your time if you can just press a button and get everything done for you?

Link Building Services




Use Black Hat SEO to Yield Better and Fast Result?

Are you still using Web 2.0 or Private Blog Network (PBN) ? Yes, those grey hat link building techniques can rank your website in short term, but it will lead your website to penalty in long period.

Don’t forget: Google always update its algorithm to get rid of these black hat SEO tactics.

As a business owner, will you like to put your business into risky situation? Absolutely No!

Fortunately, you are with us now! We have connections, great content that Google likes and full control on link placement.


What You Can Get With Premium SEO Link Building Package?


1. Get links from relevant niche with real traffic:

You will enjoy link power from high authority website which can increase ranking but also obtain high quality referral traffic. Google values relevancy and user engagement over other ranking factors!


2. 500+ words quality content related to Your Niche

You get nothing if you place a link in low quality content. We have experience in crafting content that bloggers are looking for and easily get approval.


3. Maximize link juice with proper link placement

We will place your link into the content in natural way. Anchor text diversification is always the first step when it comes to link placement.

If you want to rank your website for long term and wish to impress your clients or bosses, get started with our affordable link building package.


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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you help if I am in tough niche?
We have worked with unique industries and learnt hard lesson about what work and what’s not work in link building strategies. We can take care of your SEO link building even if you are in competitive niche.

2. How Long Did I see Result?
This is the most common question everybody want to ask. To be honest, it’s depend on current ranking, website’s domain authority, difficulty of keywords and number of keywords. But we can promise there will be improvement in three months and six months we are the best friends.

3. What keywords/ Anchor text can I use?
Basically, you are only allowed to use one exact match anchor text. We will diversify anchor text with branded keywords, naked url and generic keywords so that it looks natural in Google eye.

4. Are these links safe?
Definitely Yes! We acquire link follow Google Webmaster Guidelines and only get links from relevant niche.

5. What niches you do not accept?
Any illegal content, products or services such as escort, gambling, drugs and etc are not allowed to buy our premium link building packages and services.

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